Let your heart speak


Both in energy and in lightness.


After a relaxation intoxication, a peaceful and clean mind.


After the light and relaxation, wonderfull insights will come to you.


Thanks to light, relaxation and possible insights, you feed your soul. What’s desperately needed.

I am glad that I may share the techniques with you, that I learned over time (which have brought me great prosperity and succes).

InFluo Healings

Healings for grow in intuition, grounding or In-Flow life.

Grounding in the New Age

There is a lot happening in the New Age. New energy shifts. I have meditated...

Grounding in the New Age
New Age – New Numerology

We live in a new age, where you feel everything goes different. Where old habits...

New Age – New Numerology
Who are you and who are you not?

In my last article I talked about fears and if the fears that present in...

Who are you and who are you not?

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